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Sat 3rd June Regional Youth & Junior League Hull

A&T's youngsters were in excellent form in the 4th and final North Regional Round of the Youth & Junior League, at Hull on Saturday.

A&T took the win in the Youth & Junior League match (for over 10s), to finish top of the group and qualify, along with runners-up Sheffield, as a team for the national series later this summer. Not to be outdone, A&T's u-8s and u-10s finished top of the group in the Little League, by narrowly finishing runners-up to Hull on the day. In the individual grands prix, A&T riders won all five Grand Prix 'A' Finals ridden on the day.

The finals were won by Aiden Green, Duncan Whalley, John White, Matt Snell and Max Evans. Frank White was runner-up in the u-8s event, with Fraser Brundrett winning the u-10 'B' Final.

Youth & Junior League, North Regional Round 4 results:

Youth & Junior League: Astley & Tyldesley 48 Sheffield 24 Hull 8.

A&T scorers: John White 16, Matt Snell 16, Max Evans 16.

Little League: Hull 71 Astley & Tyldesley 68 Sheffield 16.

A&T scorers: Frank White 16, Duncan Whalley 14, Aiden Green 12, Fraser Brundrett 9.

Final North Regional League positions:

Youth & Junior League: Astley & Tyldesley 12 Sheffield 11.5 Bury 7 Stockport 4.5 Hull 1.

Little League: Astley & Tyldesley 10 Sheffield 6 Hull 3 Bury 1 Stockport 1.
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