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Sun 4th June Northern Knock-Out-Cup Final Northumbria

Astley & Tyldesley put in a fine display to finish 2nd in the Northern Cup Final, at Cramlington on Sunday. A&T totalled 45 points, just 3 points behind Stockport, who retained the Cup, but finishing ahead of the other four teams in the event. Reece Pollitt led the scoring for A&T, losing only to Andy Angell in heat 10, but gaining revenge in heat 13, with excellent back up from Mick Knowles, Max Evans and Kyle Holland.  Ben Higham raced unbeaten for Stockport.

Northern Cup Final result:

Stockport 48 Astley & Tyldesley 45 Bury 39 Sheffield 38 Hull 37 Northumbria 29.

Bury: Danny Taylor 13, Neil Howarth 10, Kris Ramsden 6, James Elston 6, Adam Turnbull 4.
Hull: Andy Angell 15, Nathan Everett 10, Josh Bellis 8, Kai Borman 4.
Stockport: Ben Higham 16, Terry Norman 14, Jake Read 10, Devon Campbell 4, Michael Preston 4.
Sheffield: Adam Watson 13, Luke Morton 9, Niall Morton 9, Laura Watson 7.
Northumbria: John Wilson 9, Dan Redshaw 7, Jason Keith 6, Shane Gray 4, Andy Knowles 3.
A&T: Reece Pollitt 15, Mick Knowles 11, Max Evans 10, Kyle Holland 9.

Referee - Andy Schofield (Hull).
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