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Sat 8th April Regional Youth & Junior League Astley & Tyldesley

Astley & Tyldesley staged the 1st North Regional Round of the Youth & Junior League series at a warm and sunny Gin Pit.

First up were the u-8s and u-10s, run concurrently. A&T's Aiden Green raced unbeaten in the u-8s event, with Sheffield's Joe Brownell doing likewise in the u-10s category.

These two categories make up the new Little League.

Bury's Harry Radford topped the qualifying scores in the u-12s match and went on to win the re-run of the Grand Prix Final. A&T's John White was unlucky, after leading the original staging of the Final. Bury's Louis Turner went through the card unbeaten in the u-14s event.

A&T's Emily Burgess was the only Girl entrant, so she raced with the Junior Boys and certainly made her presence felt with some great racing, in a competitive match. A&T's Max Evans led the Final, but fell on the 2nd lap, with Bury's Kaysar Mohammedi gratefully taking the lead and winning the Junior Final.

A&T won both the Team events on the day.

Little League North Regional Round 1 results: (u-8, u-10)

Team: Astley & Tyldesley 56 Sheffield 24.

Youth & Junior League North Regional Round 1 results: (u-12, u-14, Junior, Girls)

Team: Astley & Tyldesley 72 Bury 64 Sheffield 36 Stockport 36.

A&T scorers: Aiden Green 16, Emily Burgess 16, John White 14, Frank White 12, Duncan Whalley 12, Max Evans 11, Charlie Burgess 9, Jack Murray 9, Danny Pickup 9, Lucy Grantham 8, Sabrina Evans 4, Fraser Brundrett 4, Deon Dickinson 4.

GP 'A' Final results:

U-8: Aiden Green (A&T); Frank White (A&T); George Martin (Sheffield); Sabrina Evans (A&T).

U-10: Joe Brownell (Sheffield); Duncan Whalley (A&T); Lucy Grantham (A&T); Fraser Brundrett (A&T).

U-12: Harry Radford (Bury); John White (A&T); Jack Brownell (Sheffield); Logan Perkins (Sheffield).

U-14: Louis Turner (Bury); Kielan Burton (Sheffield); Dawar Mohammedi (Bury); Danny Pickup (A&T).

Junior: Kaysar Mohammedi (Bury); Michael Preston (Stockport); Devon Campbell (Stockport); Max Evans (A&T).

Girls: Emily Burgess (A&T).

Referee - Kyle Holland.
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