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Sun 8th Oct Club Individual Championship Astley & Tyldesley

The last competitive racing at Astley and Tyldesley’s Gin Pit was held today, Sunday, in sunny and dry conditions with 21 riders, aged 4 to over 40, competing in the Club Individual Championship. Riders split into three categories, Junior, Intermediate and Youth before the last match for the Open title.

There were nine competitors in the Junior category following the late withdrawal of a rider. It was a closely contested affair with birthday boy Ali Asiraf (aged five) making his debut and four year old Myles both on two laps while the other riders completed three. The first heat saw a bike malfunction for Daniel Johnston so was rerun with all riders and Freddie Cox taking a solid first place. The second heat saw Tom Beeley dominate with Sabrina Evans second and ‘Freddie’ Warn third. Myles took advantage with his two laps beating his sister Lucy and Lewis Skitterball in the third heat. The mix of riders created unpredictable outcomes for the second and third rounds of heats with wins for Daniel, Lucy, Tom, Myles and Freddie Cox. Heat 10 saw the title contenders line up with all riders on 10 or 11 points. Tom made a great start from Gate 2 to beat Freddie on Gate 1 with Lucy showing her experience in passing Daniel and Freddie Cox from Gate 4. Myles dropped his only point in heat 11 to Freddie Warn. The last race saw an unfortunate fall for Lewis against Sabrina but he still crossed the line with a smile. A fantastic competitive field.

Go Ride Medals were awarded to:

Junior Girls – Lucy Grantham – First; Sabrina Evans – Second.

Junior Boys – Myles Grantham – First; Tom Beeley – Second; Freddie Cox – Third.

Junior Competition Result:

Daniel Johnston (age 9 – u10) 11 points; Ali Asiraf (age 5 – u6) 7 points; Freddie Cox (aged 8 – u8) 13 points; Tom Beeley (aged 8 – under 8) 14 points; Sabrina Evans (aged 8 – u8) 9 points; ‘Freddie’ Warn (aged 5 – under 6) 11 points; Lewis Skittleball (aged 8 – u10) 11 points; Lucy Grantham (aged 10 – u10) 13 points and Myles Grantham (aged 4 – u6) 15 points.

There were six competitors in the Intermediate Field, a mixture of experience and new talent to the club. Tom Morrissey dominated the line up, racing unbeaten despite some tough battles with Ben Forshaw. Charlie chased Ben home twice when drawn on the outside of him, pushing him all the way to the line. Unfortunately the draw never saw Charlie and Tom together. The other three younger riders of Duncan Whalley, Frank White and Aiden Green were closely matched creating some nail biting finishes when drawn against each other.

Go Ride medals were awarded to the top three riders:

Tom, 16 points - First; Charlie ,14 points - Second and Ben, 13 points – Third.

Intermediate Competition Result:

Duncan Whalley (age 8 – u10) 10 points; Frank White (age 6 – u6) 7 points; Aiden Green (age 7 – u8) – 10 points; Tom Morrissey (age 10 – u10) 16 points; Ben Forshaw (age 14 – u16) 13 points; Charlie Burgess (age 11 – u13) 14 points.

Last up were our three ‘national’ level riders in a Youth Category with Emily Burgess impressing in the Girls and Women’s leagues, Max Evans in the Junior GB team heading to Australia in five weeks and John White the current u12 British Grand Prix Champion. The heats were shared equally until the final heat, with Emily taking the win on the line from Max and John in third. It was a fun match with the three riders mixing it up between themselves for the entertainment of the crowd.

Youth Competition Result:

Emily Burgess (age 13 – u13) 13 points; John White (age 10 – u13) 11 points and Max Evans (age 15 – u16) 12 points.

The Open competition had nine riders, with six stepping up from the Youth and Intermediate competitions. Guest rider Steve Harris dominated proceedings but was made to work for it by Max Evans, Mark Grantham and Reece Pollitt. The last heat was testament to this. Max, on the inside (Grid 3) held Steve until the last corner before he took first place. The younger riders of Duncan Whalley, Tom Morrissey, John White and Charlie Burgess gained valuable experience with Mark Grantham ‘coaching’ them in heat 6. A light hearted competition resulted in Reece winning the Open title for the seventh consecutive time, with Max Evans runner up and Emily Burgess third.

Open Competition Result:

Emily Burgess – 12 points; John White 11 points; Charlie Burgess 11 points; Tom Morrisey - 8 points; Steve Harris – 16 points; Mark Grantham 11 points; Max Evans 14 points; Reece Pollitt 15 points and Duncan Whalley 10 points.
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