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Sun 10th Sept Astley & Tyldesley v Bury v Stockport Astley & Tyldesley

Astley & Tyldesley capped a great week of results by winning the Northern Regional Final at Gin Pit on Sunday. A&T lined up without captain Paul Graham, due to a foot injury sustained in Wednesday's Play Off, so Kyle Holland moved up into the A group and Lee Phillips stepped into the B group. Bury and Stockport were also missing Neil Howarth and Michael Preston, but crucially didn't have replacements, so with only three teams competing, at least 8 points each were forfeited by those teams.

At the end of the first round of 8 races, the scores were: A&T 25 Bury 22 Stockport 21. Bury fell behind in the next round of races as A&T stretched their lead to go into the interval 6 points ahead of Stockport. Half time scores were: A&T 50 Stockport 44 Bury 40.

The margin was still the same after the third round of races, with the scores: A&T 73 Stockport 67 Bury 62. A&T's comfortable lead was jolted when Ciaran Collins moved at the gate in heat 29 and a Louis Wright win for Stockport reduced the gap to three points with three races remaining. Kyle Holland and Reece Pollitt won the next two races for A&T to seal victory with one race remaining. Max Evans was content to ride home in third place in the last heat, as A&T beat Stockport by three points, with Bury a further 14 points adrift.

In a match affected by heavy rain showers, Reece Pollitt raced to a superb 16 points maximum for A&T, with solid support from the rest and the inclusion of an eighth rider proving to be decisive. Jack Lush raced unbeaten for Stockport, as a B group rider, with Ben Higham and Jake Read, on his 21st birthday, losing only to Pollitt. B group rider Adam Taylor topped the scores for Bury.

Astley & Tyldesley qualify as Northern winners for the Cycle Speedway Knock-out Cup Grand Final at Coventry next Sunday.

Northern Regional Final result:

Astley & Tyldesley 95 Stockport 92 Bury 78

Stockport: Jack Lush 16, Ben Higham 15, Jake Read 15, Devon Campbell 14, Terry Norman 11, Daniel Mason 11, Louis Wright 10.

Bury: Adam Taylor 13, Will Owens 12, Adam Turnbull 12, James Elston 11, Kaysar Mohammadi 11, Kris Ramsden 10, Harry Radford 9.

A&T: Reece Pollitt 16, Kyle Holland 13, Mick Knowles 13, Lee Phillips 13, Mark Grantham 12, Max Evans 10, Emily Burgess 10, Ciaran Collins 8.

Referee - Andy Schofield (Hull).
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