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Sat 7th April British Youth & Junior League Regional Round 1 Stockport

Ten riders from Team Green turned out for the first regional round of the British Youth and Junior League (BYJL) at the Stockport track, today, 7th April 2018. This was the opening meet of the cycle speedway season for most of the youngsters and the pre-season training by Team Green was clearly evident. The early drizzle left the track very wet in places and the starting grid was quite slippery.

First up were the dynamite duo of Frank White and Aiden Green in the under 8s. These two riders continue to be evenly matched with each one winning when on the inside. Aiden had a tough fall on in the fourth race but managed to complete the race and recover for the final. With two wins and two seconds a piece, the A final would be depend on the gates drawn. Aiden gained the advantage with Gate 2 while Frank was on Gate 4. It was a solid performance from both riders.

Next were the under 10s, with Duncan Whalley, Fraser Brundrett and Sabrina Evans competing with Edward Balfour from Sheffield. Fraser looked fast and made an impressive start winning the first two races and finishing on 14pts. Duncan’s experience showed as he made the most of his insider grids in the last two races to also take two wins and finish on the same points as Fraser. Sabrina’s confidence and speed has improved greatly and was clearly evident by the progress made since last year. The Final saw Fraser on Grid 4 with Duncan inside on Grid 3. While Fraser had the speed he hadn’t quite the technique to past Edward and Duncan. An excellent A Final, with Duncan the victor.

The U12’s had A&T reigning BYJL U12 Champion, John White, in the mix with last year’s U10 Northern Champion Tom Morrissey. Lucy Grantham, like Tom, was also making the step up to U12’s this year. The fourth rider in the line-up was Sam Stansfield from Northumberland, now racing in Hull colours. John looked comfortable in front with Tom providing a strong challenge. Their tussle on the first bend of third race forced John to take the long way round to create some daylight from the rest of the field. Lucy rode brilliantly and was chasing Sam on every lap. The A Final saw John take the unlucky grid 4 with Tom inside on Grid 3, however John’s confidence and experience shone to be the only unbeaten rider of the day.

The sole ‘Girl’ competitor was Emily Burgess and after conferring with the Commissaries, she rode with the u14s. This led to some tight and very competitive racing with Kielan Burton (Sheffield), Harry Radford (Bury), Harry Hulme (Stockport) and Dawar Mohammedi (Bury). Emily won her first three races and was pushed into third in the last race with a entertaining battle with Harry R and Kielan.

Last up was the U18s with seven riders including Team Green’s Max Evans. Racing was fierce with slipped pedals on the gates causing a lot of chasing by the lead riders and the top three all finishing on 13 points. Max won two of his races and slipped on gate for the other two. The dreaded Grid 4 was again drawn in the A final for Max but after an outstanding pass on the back straight, Max put himself in to second place behind the winner Adam Turnbull.

Final Scores and Finals with grid in brackets:

U8 – 1st (2) Aiden Green 14 pts; 2nd (4) Frank White 14 pts
U10 – 1st (3) Duncan Whalley 14 pts; 2nd (1) Edward Balfour 8 pts; 3rd (4) Fraser Brundrett 14 pts;
4th (2) Sabrina Evans 4 pts.
U12 – 1st (4) John White 16 pts ; 2nd (3) Tom Morrissey 12 pts ; 3rd (2) Sam Stansfield 8 pts ;
4th (1) Lucy Grantham 4th 4pts
U14 – Girls 1st Emily Burgess 14 pts; 1st (4) Kielan Burton 14 pts; 2nd (3) Harry Radford 11 pts;
3rd (2) Dawar Mohammedi 7 pts; 4th (1) Harry Hulme 3 pts.
U18 – 1st (2) Adam Turnbull 13 pts; 2nd (4) Max Evans 13 pts; 3rd (3) Michael Preston 13 pts;
4th (1) Kayser Mohammedi 10 pts; B 1st (1) Louis Wright 9 pts; B 2nd (4) Devon Campbell 6 pts;
B 3rd (2) Bradley Stansfield 7 pts.

Team Results:

Little League (u8/u10) – A&T 60 pts; Sheffield 8 pts.
BYJL – A&T 59 pts ; Bury 41 pts; Stockport 31 pts; Hull 15 pts; Sheffield 14pts.
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