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Sat 7th July North West Youth League Round 2 Astley & Tyldesley

Astley & Tyldesley hosted Round 2 of the multi-disciplinary North West Youth League. It was a very hot and sunny Saturday morning's racing, with 35 riders competing.

The event was held using the tried and trusted British Youth & Junior League format, with five age categories run. After completion of registrations, riders enjoyed a half hour coaching session delivered by A&T coach Chaz Whalley, before the racing started.

A&T's Aiden Green raced unbeaten in the u-8 qualifiers and won the Grand Prix 'A' Final, ahead of team mate Frank White and Salt Ayre Cog Set's Harry Ball, with Oscar Belt fourth.

Duncan Whalley of A&T rode to a 16 points maximum in the u-10 qualifiers and won the Grand Prix 'A' Final, passing Salt Ayre Cog Set's Oliver Ball for the second time in the day. A&T's Lewis Skitterall was third and Fraser Cummings fourth.

British u-12 Grand Prix Champion John White, of A&T, was the clear winner in the u-12 category, again going through the qualifiers unbeaten and winning the Grand Prix 'A' Final. He finished ahead of team mates Tom Morrissey and Charlie Burgess, with Morgan Williams of Salt Ayre Cog Set fourth.

The u-14 event was more open, with riders changing positions in the races, before Salt Ayre Cog Set's Callum Williams took the win in the Grand Prix 'A Final, after top scoring in the qualifiers. Bolton Hot Wheels' Harry Clegg was second, ahead of Erin Corrigan of Get Off The Road and Simeon Kilroy of North Cheshire Clarion.

Melissa Boylin of Sportcity Velo and Ben Iddon of Salt Ayre Cog Set had some impressive duels in the u-16 match. In the qualifying heats, Melissa won three races, but fell whilst leading heat 3. Ben raced away to win the Grand Prix 'A' Final, with Melissa falling when second, to let in Jake Edwards and John Roberts, both of Salt Ayre Cog Set, to take second and third places respectively.

As ever, the cycle speedway round of this series was most enjoyable and ridden in a very sporting and friendly atmosphere. The Lancaster based Salt Ayre Cog Set club had a good turn out of numbers and were rewarded with some excellent results.

Each riders' overall position on the day is determined by their Grand Prix Final position.

North West Youth League Round 2 results

u-8 Qualifiers:
Aiden Green (Astley & Tyldesley) 16, Frank White (Astley & Tyldesley) 13, Harry Ball (Salt Ayre Cog Set) 10, Oscar Belt (Astley & Tyldesley) 7, Freddy Warn (Astley & Tyldesley) 4.

u-10 Qualifiers: 
Duncan Whalley (Astley & Tyldesley) 16, Oliver Ball (Salt Ayre Cog Set) 14, Lewis Skitterall (Astley & Tyldesley) 13, Fraser Cummings (Matlock CC) 11, Charlotte Kilroy (North Cheshire Clarion) 8, Kaden Williams (Harry Middleton CC) 8, Christopher Frank (Bolton Hot Wheels) 6, Tyler Williams (Harry Middleton CC) 4.

u-12 Qualifiers: 
John White (Astley & Tyldesley) 16, Tom Morrissey (Astley & Tyldesley) 15, Morgan Williams (Salt Ayre Cog Set) 15, Charlie Burgess (Astley & Tyldesley) 13, Aidan Worden (Red Rose Olympic) 12, Monty Nelhams (Salt Ayre Cog Set) 9, Megan Lloyd (Harry Middleton CC) 9, Oliver Hodgkinson (North Cheshire Clarion) 8, Alice Colling (Ribble Valley Juniors) 7, Chloe Warn (Astley & Tyldesley) 7, Neve Laycock (Bolton Hot Wheels) 5, Shaun Laycock (Bolton Hot Wheels) 4.

U-14 Qualifiers:
Callum Williams (Salt Ayre Cog Set) 15, Erin Corrigan (Get Off The Road) 12, Harry Clegg (Bolton Hot Wheels) 9, Simeon Kilroy (North Cheshire Clarion) 4.

U-16 Qualifiers:
Ben Iddon (Salt Ayre Cog Set) 14, John Roberts (Salt Ayre Cog Set) 14, Jake Edwards (Salt Ayre Cog Set) 13, Melissa Boylin (Sportcity Velo) 12, William Dykes (Salt Ayre Cog Set) 9, Isabelle McKinnon (Southport CC) 6.

U-8 Final Standings:
A Final: 1st - Aiden Green, 2nd - Frank White, 3rd - Harry Ball, 4th - Oscar Belt.
B Final: 1st - Freddy Warn.

U-10 Final Standings:
A Final: 1st - Duncan Whalley, 2nd - Oliver Ball, 3rd - Lewis Skitterall, 4th - Fraser Cummings.
B Final: 1st - Christopher Frank, 2nd - Charlotte Kilroy, 3rd - Kaden Williams, 4th - Tyler Williams.

U-12 Final Standings:
A Final: 1st - John White, 2nd - Tom Morrissey, 3rd - Charlie Burgess, 4th - Morgan Williams.
B Final: 1st - Megan Lloyd, 2nd - Oliver Hodgkinson, 3rd - Aidan Worden, 4th - Monty Nelhams.
C Final: 1st - Alice Colling, 2nd - Chloe Warn, 3rd - Neve Laycock, 4th - Shaun Laycock.

U-14 Final Standings:
A Final: 1st - Callum Williams, 2nd - Harry Clegg, 3rd - Erin Corrigan, 4th - Simeon Kilroy.

U-16 Final Standings:
A Final: 1st - Ben Iddon, 2nd - Jake Edwards, 3rd - John Roberts, 4th - Melissa Boylin.
B Final: 1st - William Dykes, 2nd - Isabelle McKinnon.

Referee - Chaz Whalley.

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