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Sat 9th June British Youth & Junior League Regional Round 4 Hull

It was another highly successful day's racing for the Astley & Tyldesley riders who travelled to Hull for the 4th and Final Northern Regional Round of the
British Youth & Junior League series.

A&T won the Little League match for u-8 and u-10 riders, to go through the series unbeaten. In the u-8 match, Aiden Green was unbeaten in the heats, but suffered a fall in the A Final, whilst chasing teammate Frank White from the outside grid, who went on to take the win.

Duncan Whalley scored a 16 points maximum in the u-10 heats, before being pushed all the way by both Fraser Brundrett and Edward Balfour of Sheffield in the u-10 A Final.

Little League North Regional Round 4 result:

Astley & Tyldesley 94 Hull 34 Sheffield 24

U-8: Aiden Green (A&T) 16, Frank White (A&T) 14, Charlie Priest (Sheffield) 12, Rayland Durkin (Hull) 10, Dan Gough (Hull) 10, Logan Stubbs (Hull) 8, Ada Cox (A&T) 6.
U-8 A Final: White, Priest, Durkin, Green.
U-8 B Final: Gough, Cox, Stubbs.

U-10: Duncan Whalley (A&T) 16, Fraser Brundrett (A&T) 14, Lewis Skitterall (A&T) 12, Edward Balfour (Sheffield) 12, Tom Beeley (A&T) 8, Freddie Cox (A&T) 8, Josh Palmer (Hull) 6.
U-10 A Final: Whalley, Brundrett, Balfour, Skitterall.
U-10 B Final: Beeley, Cox, Palmer.

A&T had already clinched the overall series win in the BYJL Northern group, to qualify for the national series, and with just two riders turning out, were beaten by both Sheffield and Hull on the day.

In the u-12 match, John White rode to another 16 points maximum score, with Tom Morrissey scoring 12. John was challenged by both Sheffield's Logan Perkins and Tom Morrissey, but was masterful in the A Final to take the first corner comfortably from grid 4 and win the race.

Sheffield's Kielan Burton was untroubled in the u-14s match, with the u-14 riders performing strongly against the two Junior (u-18) riders from Hull, in a
match where the riders were combined, with scores retrospectively adjusted, due to a lack of numbers.

British Youth & Junior League North Regional Round 4 result:

Sheffield 67 Hull 47 Astley & Tyldesley 28 Bury 14

U-12: John White (A&T) 16, Logan Perkins (Sheffield) 14, Tom Morrissey (A&T) 12, Joe Brownell (Sheffield) 11, Sam Stansfield (Hull) 9, Jake Gough (Hull) 8.
U-12 A Final: White, Perkins, Morrissey, Brownell.
U-12 B Final: Stansfield, Gough.

U-14: Kielan Burton (Sheffield) 16, Harry Radford (Bury) 14, Jack Brownell (Sheffield) 14, James Morris (Sheffield) 12.
U-14 A Final: Burton, Radford, Brownell, Morris.

U-18: Dan Teal (Hull) 16, Bradley Stansfield(Hull) 14.
U-18 A Final: Teal. Stansfield.
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