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Tue 10th July Go-Ride Grand Prix Round 4 Astley & Tyldesley

Astley & Tyldesley hosted the final round of the A&T Go-Ride Grand Prix series on Tuesday evening. It was another dry track on a hot, sunny evening. There was another excellent turn out of 24 riders, including 6 newcomers.

Once again, the three teams were evenly matched, with only five points separating first and third on the night. Tyldesley Typhoons took their second win of the three round series, to secure the overall series win. Tom Morrissey raced unbeaten for the Astley Hurricanes, but the other two teams each had two riders who scored in the 20's - Australian Cooper Davies and newcomer Kai Sinclair for the Gin Pit Storm, Charlie Burgess and Aiden Green for the Tyldesley Typhoons. All riders were presented with British Cycling Go-Ride medals at the end of the night's racing - gold, silver, bronze - as per the finishing order of the teams in the overall series.

A&T Go-Ride Grand Prix Round 3 result:

Tyldesley Typhoons 108 Astley Hurricanes 104 Gin Pit Storm 103

Typhoons: Charlie Burgess 22, Aiden Green 21, Fraser Brundrett 18, Aliesha Green 12, Freddie Cox 10, Musa Ashraf 10, Oscar Belt 9, Leah Sinclair 6.
Hurricanes: Tom Morrissey 24, Duncan Whalley 18, Chloe Warn 16, Levi Edwards 15, Tom Beeley 12, Freddy Warn 8, Sabrina Evans 6, Ali Ashraf 5.
Storm: Cooper Davies 22, Kai Sinclair 21, Lewis Skitterall 18, Myles Grantham 17, Myles Bedingfield 11, Ada Cox 6, Harriet Belt 4, Sufyan Ashraf 4.

Referee - Chaz Whalley.

Final placings:

Tyldesley Typhoons 7.5 (341); Astley Hurricanes 6 (321); Gin Pit Storm 4.5 (328).
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