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Sun 30th Sept Glasgow v Astley & Tyldesley Glasgow

A&T lined up at Glasgow for the afternoon fixture, again conceding 25 penalty points for the Division 2 match. Despite this handicap, the A&T riders put in a great performance to pull this back and take the lead after heat 11, to run out 91-84 winners. This win clinched 2nd place in the Division 2 table.

11 years old John White showed why he is the British u-12 Boys Individual Champion, by racing to a 20 points maximum score against a much older and more experienced Glasgow team. Team captain Mick Knowles also raced unbeaten, with Mark Grantham and Emily Burgess both beaten once only by an opponent.

North & Scotland League Division 2 match result:

Glasgow 84 Astley & Tyldesley 91

Glasgow: Joe Beuckmann 14, Simon Morris 11, Jim Alexander 9 (1), Chris Flynn 9, Colin Gray 8 (1), Lachlan MacDougall 7 (2), Chic Mackie 1.
A&T: John White 20, Emily Burgess 18, Mick Knowles 16 (4), Mark Grantham 16 (2), Kyle Holland 16 (1), Lucy Grantham 5.

A&T ran out comfortable winners in the Division 3 match, 28-12. John White raced to another maximum score.

North & Scotland League Division 3 match result:

Glasgow 12 Astley & Tyldesley 28

Glasgow: B. Hutton 12.
A&T: John White 16, Lucy Grantham 8, Myles Grantham 4.

Many congratulations to Astley & Tyldesley's Emily Burgess on winning the Ross Mee Junior Cup at Leicester on Saturday. This was another success to add to Emily's impressive list this year.
Younger brother, Charlie Burgess, rode well and won the u-12 B Final. There was further success for the three A&T riders present, with Aiden Green winning the u-8 A Final.
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