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Sun 1st Sept Astley & Tyldesley v Fife Astley & Tyldesley

A&T took an emphatic 171-21 win over Fife Revolution in the Division 3 match. Brothers John and Frank White both raced unbeaten in the u-13 and u-10 matches respectively.

North & Scotland League Division 3 result:

Astley & Tyldesley 171 Fife 21

A&T: Frank White 16, John White 16, Aiden Green 15, Oscar Belt 14, Tom Morrissey 14, Charlie Burgess 14, Myles Grantham 12, Freddie Cox 11, Stephen Warn 11, Harriet Belt 9, Levi Edwards 8, Duncan Whalley 8, Chloe Warn 8, Lewis Skitterall 6, Aliesha Green 5, Lucy Grantham 4.

Fife: Lyla Peoples 11, Elliott Davey 10.

Referee - Catherine White.

The main match of the day was last on the bill, with A&T taking on the unbeaten Division 2 league leaders Fife. The two teams dished up a classic match at Fife in May and today was a repeat encounter, between the Division's top two teams.

Fife twice opened up a 5 points lead early on and it wasn't until heat 7, when the Matt Snell/ Emily Burgess pairing took the first of their three heat wins together, with a 7-3 over the Alsop brothers, that A&T took the lead, 34-33. Fife hit back with a 7-3 to Vas Hill/ Craig Hardie over Mick Knowles and Mark Grantham to regain the lead. Another 7-3 to Snell/ Burgess over Harris Alsop/ Hill in heat 9 restored A&T's lead. Hardie won the next race, but with Lewis Alsop excluded for bringing down Knowles, A&T edged their lead to 2 points. Hill won the penultimate race, but John White and Lee Phillips relegated H. Alsop to the back for a shared heat. Fife had the inside grids for the last heat, but a terrific gate from 4 by Snell saw him take the win over Hardie, with Burgess taking a vital third place over L. Alsop, for A&T to seal a 60-56 victory.

For A&T, Matt Snell reeled off five superb wins from outside gates, after a first race exclusion, with Emily Burgess in terrific form after a last place first time out. Craig Hardie was best for Fife, featuring in all three of their 7-3 heat wins.

Cycle speedway matches don't get any better than this one, hard fought and fast, but ridden in a great spirit. Matches between A&T and Fife are usually close affairs and this was no exception. With Stockport not re-arranging their postponed match at Fife, the Revolutions have finished their programme on 26 points. A&T will match that total if they win at Sheffield in their final match in two weeks time, which would necessitate a play-off on a neutral track, to determine the Division 2 title.

North & Scotland League Division 2 result:

Astley & Tyldesley 60 Fife 56

A&T: Matt Snell 20, Emily Burgess 13 (2), John White 9, Mick Knowles 8 (1), Lee Phillips 5 (2), Mark Grantham 5, Charlie Burgess dnr, Tom Morrissey dnr.

Fife: Craig Hardie 18 (1), Lewis Alsop 13 (1), Vas Hill 13, Harris Alsop 10, Jamie Penny 2 (1), Jake Ferguson dnr, Harry Langdale dnr, Danny Peoples dnr.

Referee - Kyle Holland.
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