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Sat 17th August British Youth & Junior League National Round 3 Hull

Congratulations to the three Astley & Tyldesley riders who won their Grand Prix 'A' Finals at Hull on Saturday! Frank White, John White and Emily Burgess all occupied the top place on the podium in the 3rd National Round of the British Youth & Junior League series. Three individual winners out of six national GP categories is impressive.

In the BYJL team competition, A&T took their third successive third place finish, out of the eight teams who qualified for the National series.

BYJL National Round 3 result:

Poole 79 Kesgrave 65 Astley & Tyldesley 49 Coventry 45 Leicester 38 Ipswich 12 Sheffield 12 Newport 0.

Frank White raced to a 16 points maximum score in the u-8 Little League Round 3 match and followed that up with his third successive Grand Prix 'A' Final win. Freddie Warn scored 6 in the match, before winning the 'B' Final. In the u-10s Little League match, Aiden Green scored 9 points and won the Grand Prix 'D' Final. Freddie Cox scored 6 points in the heats.

In the BYJL match, Duncan Whalley scored 6 points in the u-12 match and finished 3rd in the Grand Prix 'C' Final. In the u-14 match, John White scored 14 points in the qualifying races, before taking the win in the Grand Prix 'A' Final. Charlie Burgess scored 6 points and took 2nd place in the 'C' Final. Emily Burgess scored a 16 points maximum, before taking the win in the re-run of the Girls Grand Prix 'A' Final. Chloe Warn scored 7 points and finished 4th in the 'C' Final.

Referees - Darren Kent and Chaz Whalley.
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