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Sun 19th May Fife v Astley & Tyldesley Fife

Duncan Whalley raced to his second Division 3 maximum of the day, as A&T won the Division 3 match at Fife, 33-17, with Lucy Grantham scoring well.

North & Scotland League Division 3 result:

Fife 17 Astley & Tyldesley 33

Fife: Rory Payne 10, Lyca Peoples 7.

A&T: Duncan Whalley 16, Lucy Grantham 13, Myles Grantham 4.

Referee - Craig Masson.

The missing riders proved decisive in A&T's first Division 2 defeat of the season, at the hands of defending champions Fife. Both teams went into the match with a 100% record this year in Division 2. A&T started off well and opened up a 6 points lead, after two heats. However, two matches on the same day, on a six rides formula, proved too much for the three A&T veterans who made up the main body of the team. Fife took three 7-3 heat wins in the second half of the match, to run out narrow 62-57 winners. 15 years old Matt Snell top scored for A&T and set a new track record for the Fife circuit. Mark Grantham scored well for A&T. A more solid scoring Fife team took the win, to preserve their unbeaten record at the top of the table..

North & Scotland League Division 2 result:

Fife 62 Astley & Tyldesley 57

Fife: Louis Allsop 16 (1), James Penny 16, Vas Hill 14 (2), Harris Allsop 8 (1), John Hutton 3 (1), Kaydon Davidson 3, Danny Peoples 2 (1).

A&T: Matt Snell 18, Mark Grantham 16 (1), Mick Knowles 11 (1), Lee Phillips 7 (1), Duncan Whalley 4, Lucy Grantham 1, Myles Grantham dnr.

Referee - Craig Masson.
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