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Sat 27th April British Youth & Junior League Regional Round 2 Sheffield

Racing at Sheffield on Saturday, Astley & Tyldesley took two convincing wins. A&T took the Little League team prize, scoring 98 points, Sheffield were second on 57, with Bury third (21) and Hull (8) fourth. A&T's Frank White won the u-8s Grand Prix A Final.

In the British Youth & Junior League match, A&T won the team prize, scoring 69 points, Sheffield were runners up with 36, while Bury finished third on 19.A&T had three of the four Grand Prix A Final winners - Tom Morrissey (u-12), John White (u-14), Chloe Warn (Girls).

Little League Round 2 results:

U-8 Scorers
Frank White 16, Steven Warn 15, Oliver Banyard 14, Ada Cox 12, Levi Edwards 12, Bobby Dunphy 11, Miles Grantham 11, Aliesha Green 9, Morgan Mobbs 8.

A Final - 1st Frank White, 2nd Oliver Banyard, 3rd Levi Edwards, 4th Stephen Warn
B Final - 1st Miles Grantham, 2nd Bobby Dunphy, 3rd Morgan Mobbs, 4th Aliesha Green
Withdrawn Ada Cox.

GP scores (after two rounds)
Frank White 50, Oliver Banyard 40, Levi Edwards 34, Stephen Warn 34, Bobby Dunphy 26, Ada Cox 23, Aliesha Green 23, Miles Grantham 14, Morgan Mobbs 12.

U-10 Scorers
Edward Balfour 15, Aiden Green 15, Charlie Priest 14, Sam Dunphy 10, Freddie Cox 8, Erin Balfour 7, Jessica Hammett 7.

A Final - 1st Edward Balfour, 2nd Aiden Green, 3rd Charlie Priest, 4th Sam Dunphy
B Final - 1st Freddie Cox, 2nd Erin Balfour, 3rd Jessica Hammett.

GP scores
Edward Balfour 45, Aiden Green 45, Charlie Priest 34, Sam Dunphy 30, Erin Balfour 25, Freddie Cox 23, Jessica Hammett 23, Tom Beeley 18, Mason Ankrett 13.

British Youth & Junior League Round 2 results:

U-14 & U-18 Scorers
Kielan Burton 14, Harry Radford 10, John White 10, Jack Brownell 3.

A Final (Under 14) - 1st John White, 2nd Harry Radford, 3rd Jack Brownell.
A Final (Under 18) - 1st Kielan Burton

GP scores
Under 14 - John White 50, Harry Radford 40, Jack Brownell 18
Under 18 - Kielan Burton 45, Michael Preston 25.

Girls Scorers
Chloe Warn 16, Lucy Grantham 12.

A Final 1st Chloe Warn, 2nd Lucy Grantham

GP scores
Chloe Warn 45, Emily Burgess 25, Lucy Grantham 20.

U-12 Scorers
Tom Morrissey 16, Duncan Whalley 13, Oliver Mackenzie 10, Tom Dunphy 6, Joe Brownell 5.

A Final 1st Tom Morrissey, 2nd Duncan Whalley, 3rd Oliver Mackenzie, 4th Tom Dunphy
B Final 1st Joe Brownell.

GP scores
Tom Morrissey 50, Oliver Mackenzie 38, Duncan Whalley 38, Tom Dunphy 16, Sam Stansfield 16, Joe Brownell 14, Lewis Skitterall 13, Alfie Sutherland 12.

Referee - Kyle Holland.
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