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Sun 2nd July Astley & Tyldesley v Sheffield
Div 1, 2 and 3
Astley & Tyldesley

A&T welcomed the Sheffield Stars club to Gin Pit for a triple bill of North & Scotland League matches on Sunday.

In the Division 1 match, A&T took an early lead with a 7-3 win to the Frank White/ Terry Norman pairing in heat 3. However, the visitors drew level two heats later and then took the lead in heat 7, which they held for the rest of the match. It was a close, hard fought and very tactical encounter throughout the match. Despite a valiant attempt by A&T all match, Sheffield held the upper hand and ran out 93-87 winners, in what was a very entertaining match.

North & Scotland League Division 1 result:

Astley & Tyldesley 87 Sheffield 93

A&T: Terry Norman 17 (2), Frank White 17, John White 16 (2), Lee Phillips 14 (1), Charlie Burgess 12, Steve Harris 11 (4), Oscar Belt dnr.
Sheffield: Ed Morton 21 (2), Kyle Holland 18 (3), Kielan Burton 17 (1), Pawel Idziorek 15 (1), Emily Burgess 13, Laura Watson 6 (1), Kieran Hale 2, Lacey Ackroyd 1, Oliver Banyard dnr.

Referee - Mike Hack.

A&T fielded a team of five u-13 riders, plus a first year rider, in the Division 2 match. Unsurprisingly, Sheffield took an early lead and gradually pulled away for an 80-68 win. Full credit to the A&T youngsters for putting up a spirited show and making a match of it. The White brothers were in excellent form for A&T, both losing once each to Emily Burgess. Emily in turn lost once to John, before incurring a gate exclusion in heat 15. Lacey Ackroyd top scored for the visitors, losing once each to the White brothers.

North & Scotland League Division 2 result:

Astley & Tyldesley 68 Sheffield 80

A&T: John White 19, Frank White 18 (1), Oscar Belt 8 (1), Mason Gallagher 8, Nahom Tumizghy 6, Levi Edwards 5 (1), Josh Pilkington 4 (1).
Sheffield: Lacey Ackroyd 18, Emily Burgess 15, Kieran Hale 14 (4), Laura Watson 14 (1), Oliver Banyard 11 (4), Lincoln Ackroyd 8.

Referee - Chaz Whalley.

A&T romped to a resounding 112-10 win in the Division 3 match. Oliver Banyard was Sheffield's lone rider, and he lost twice to Frank White, before collecting a gate exclusion, in the u-13 category. Frank raced unbeaten in the u-13 match, with Alex Lawless also unbeaten at u-10 level.

North & Scotland League Division 3 result:

Astley & Tyldesley 112 Sheffield 10

A&T: Alex Lawless 16, Frank White 16, Jacob Latham 13, Oscar Belt 12, Josh Pilkington 11, Charlotte Brighouse 9, Levi Edwards 9, Elijah Rechembei 8, Amelia Harrison-Jones 8, Nahom Tumizghy 6, James Jackson 4.
Sheffield: Oliver Banyard 10.

Referee - Catherine White.
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