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Sun 8th Oct Astley & Tyldesley v Fife Astley & Tyldesley

A&T wrapped up a disappointing North & Scotland League Division 1 campaign with a heavy home defeat by Fife, on a warm afternoon. Once again, A&T had a host of experienced riders missing, leaving inexperienced Division 2 and 3 riders to fill places in the team. Grand Veteran Terry Norman was in excellent form, losing only to Kayden Davidson first time out, but his only real back up came from fellow Grand Veteran, Steve Harris, who won three races. Although no one raced unbeaten, all the Fife team scored well and the visitors were in control throughout the match.

North & Scotland League Division 1 result:

Astley & Tyldesley 73 Fife 107

A&T: Terry Norman 23, Steve Harris 18, Owen Simcock 10, Josh Pilkington 8, Mason Gallagher 8, Nahom Tumizghy 6.

Fife: Kayden Davidson 22 (1), Harris Allsop 19, Lewis Allsop 17 (4), Elliott Davies 17 (2), Harry Langdale 14 (3), Jake Ferguson 11 (3), Callum Cuthbert 7 (2).

Referee - Mike Hack.
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