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Tue 11th July Astley & Tyldesley Go-Ride League Round 4 Astley & Tyldesley

A&T staged Round 4 of the Go-Ride League, on a warm Tuesday evening at Gin Pit. Following rain earlier in the day, the track was in perfect condition for the evening's racing. A&T welcomed six new riders making their debuts in the Go-Ride series, resulting in this year's highest turn out of 18 riders on the night.

Astley Hurricanes took their second successive team win of the series, to draw level in the series table with Tyldesley Typhoons, who took second place on the night. Oscar Belt took the individual GP win on the night, to extend his lead in the overall standings.

A&T Go-Ride League Round 4 result:

Astley Hurricanes 68 Tyldesley Typhoons 54 Gin Pit Storm 49

Hurricanes: Oscar Belt 18, Jacob Latham 16, Alex Lawless 13, Nahom Tumizghy 11, Ralph Mitchell 7, William Prince 3.
Typhoons: Josh Pilkington 15, Levi Edwards 14, Elijah Rechembei 10, Charlotte Brighouse 9, Nancy Pritchard 4, Lucas Pritchard 2.
Storm: Mason Gallagher 17, Amelia Harrison-Jones 12, James Jackson 8, Jake Green 6, Willow Waryck-Welch 5, Harry Jackson 1.

Referee - Chaz Whalley.
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