2003 World Championships Steering Group

(2002 Web-site Archive)

Minutes of meeting held at Astley & Tyldesley Miners Welfare Club on Monday 9th December 2002.

Present : Brian Furness, Mike Hack, Stenia Hack, Phil Hagerty, Roy Heslop, Neil Howarth, Stuart Howarth, Steve Jarman, Tony Mann, Gary Nuttall, Dave O'Callaghan, Fred Rothwell, Pete Ward.

Apologies : Bill Phillips, Len Priestley, John Whiting.

1. Minutes of Previous Meeting


2. Matters Arising

  • U.S.A. - MH read out a letter from Pete Barnes concerning the U.S.As plans. A & T club agreed to provide bikes for the Americans to use when in Manchester.
  • Transport - AM stated that this remains an issue. He had obtained quotes for mini-bus hire but felt that they were expensive. RH stated that he felt the quotes were very reasonable. The use of taxis was suggested as an alternative. SHo and FR (along with Steve Muff) agreed to pursue quotes for transport.

3. Progress Reports

a) Sponsorship

  • SM No report.
  • SHo Formulated Polymers will provide 300 sponsorship, possibly increasing to 500.
  • PH Suggested that each person saves 1 per week to put to the event.
  • FR Suggested holding a Race Night at Gin Pit. MH suggested that this could be accompanied by games of Bingo. MH to arrange a night (provisionally Friday 28th February 2003).
  • NH No responses yet to the excellent promotional disk he had produced.
  • AM Discussed press coverage. To pursue the idea of producing special event covers.
  • RH Suggested advertising sponsored links on club websites. RH to pursue with Len Priestley.
  • MH Suggested holding a Press Launch. NH suggested holding it at the Manchester Velodrome, featuring the current World & European Champions Dave Hemsley and Karol Szymanski, plus a senior BCF official. FR suggested possibly holding a Turbo Trainers race. PH to supply 3 boards for display purposes. Look at staging in late June. BF to book a room. NH / Sho to set up the display. MH to arrange the Presentation. BF suggested publicising the championships by distributing hand-outs at major Cyclo-Cross and MTB events. Buffet and drinks will need to be arranged with the Velodrome.

b) Grant Aid

  • MH Reported that Wigan MBC Community Chest had provided an award of 1303 for equipment at Astley for next years Championships.
  • MH Reported that the Association of Gt. Manchester Authorities (AGMA) had provide an award of 1150 for the promotional costs of the Championships.
  • AM Reported that the National Lottery Awards for All had awarded a grant of 4800. This was for various items, including accommodation and transport for next years Championships. Meeting agreed that the expenditure of the grants are to be managed by the applicant.

c) Performing Rights

  • AM Raised the issue of potential claims from the Performing Rights Society. BF to pursue with Jim Hendry.

d) Accommodation

  • AM Negotiations still ongoing concerning camping at Goshen.
  • NH The Burrs are now charging 170 per night for 34 people, or 115 per night for 17 people, with a deposit of 25 payable. Meeting suggested making a charge of 10 per person per night.
  • SHo No progress made concerning accommodation at the Wilton Hotel, Middleton.
  • SM No report concerning accommodation at the Greyhound Hotel, Leigh.
  • WP No report concerning camping at Gin Pit.
  • RH Will approach the Travel Lodge at Lowton and the Greyhound Hotel, Leigh.
  • NH Will contact the U.S.A. and Holland to ascertain their accommodation requirements.
  • MH / SHa Will contact Poland to ascertain their accommodation requirements.
  • BF Will contact Australia to ascertain their accommodation requirements.

e) Promotional Protocols

  • BF Anthems to be played only for the winners at presentation of awards. At the Opening ceremony, play theme music plus the Gt. Britain national anthem.

f) Merchandise

  • FR Reported that Mark Rushby (Pedalsport) is the new Bury club sponsor. Pedalsport will have exclusive rights for cycle sales at Bury. FR suggested that A & T approach Shaun Hudson with a view to offering him exclusive rights for cycle sales at Astley.
  • FR Suggested the purchase of officials polo shirts possibly supplied by a sponsor. Suggested having T shirts for general sale. FR to pursue quotes.
  • RH To pursue quotes for the purchase of pens.

Next meeting

To be held at Astley & Tyldesley Miners Welfare Club, on Wednesday 12th February 2003, 7.30 pm start.


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