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Held at the Miners’ Welfare Club on Thursday 11th December 2003.

Present : J.Hack, K.Hack, M.Hack, R.Hack, P.Hagerty, W.Mee, S.Mills, G.Nuttall, W.Phillips, D.Radcliffe, J.Radcliffe, C.Smith.

Apologies : G.Edwards, L.Priestley.

MEETING OPENED AT 7.25 pm with W.Phillips in the chair.

CHAIRMAN’S WELCOME : The Club had enjoyed a very good year. The World Championship promotion had been a great success that was well received by everyone. This generated publicity and raised the club’s profile, both before and after the Championships. The Club made some good recruits this year, notably Jeff and Dylan Radcliffe, Warren Mee, Chris Smith, Daniel Swales. Major successes on the track were recorded by Becky Heslop, with two top three places in British Finals. Once again the signing of two Polish riders, Przemek Binkowski and Pawel Kozlowski, sparked the club into life. The Club also enjoyed good support from the Stoke riders on secondary registrations. All round, this was the best season since he had been at the Club (from 1995).

ACCEPTANCE OF 2002 MINUTES : These were accepted.


ANNUAL REPORT : Accepted by the meeting. The meeting was happy with the Financial situation of the Club. The meeting noted good profits from refreshments sales, good income from hire charges, good income from trackside advertising. The meeting agreed that the World Championships had been a top class promotion, but the World Team Cup format was not a good one.

CONSTITUTION & RULES : Meeting agreed to add the post of Child Welfare Officer to the Club Committee.


Chairman - Phil Hagerty;

Vice Chairman - Bill Phillips;

Secretary - Mike Hack;

Treasurer - Mike Hack;

Team Manager - Mike Hack;

Junior Team Manager - Gary Nuttall;

Club Captain - Jeff Radcliffe;

Track Manager - Gary Nuttall;

Development Officers - Phil Hagerty (Grants, Fundraising); Chris Smith, Gail Edwards (Commercial Sponsorships, Advertising); Len Priestley, Phil Hagerty (Photographers), Len Priestley (Website Manager); John Hack - (Video Cameraman); Mike Hack, Roy Heslop (Match Programmes); Mike Hack (Press);

Assistant Treasurer - Gail Edwards;

Child Welfare Officer - Brenda Radcliffe.

The following non-Committee posts were filled : Refreshments - Gail Edwards; Clerk of the Course - Gary Nuttall.



To sign up two Polish riders - Przemek Binkowski, Tomasz Wlodarczyk.

To sign up Scotia rider Ewan Tulloch on a Secondary Registration.

In view of the Stoke club’s attempts to sign Przemek Binkowski, the meeting agreed not to re-engage any Stoke riders on Secondary Registrations, due to conflicting club interests.

Track work

A session planned for Sunday 11th January 2004 to complete the pits bend alterations.

Pre-season training

Off track sessions to be held during January, on track sessions to start in February.

Training nights

To continue on Tuesdays. In the early part of the year, A & T sessions to take place between 7 - 8pm, with any visiting groups booked in for 8 - 9pm.

Later in the year, 7 - 8 pm for the junior squad, 8 - 9 pm for the senior squad.

Go-Ride sessions to be held on 2/3 Thursdays during the summer.


To enter the Northern League and Northern Fours League. To opt out of the British Team Championship. To enter the Northern Junior League and British Youth & Junior League. Await the outcome of the Manchester League AGM to determine their competitions.

Major events

Date TBC - A & T Festival.

Saturday 14th August - British Veterans Individual Championships.

Saturday 4th September - British Youth & Junior League National Round 3.

Scrap the North West Grand Prix - approach Motor Body Services to sponsor another event.

Other Plans

Mike Hack to investigate the feasibility of a weekend racing trip to Almere, Holland.

Chris Smith suggested holding fund raising bags in Asda supermarket, Leigh.

Meeting agreed to buy a Club Camcorder for the filming of matches for coaching and evidence purposes.

Gary Nuttall agreed to add a running water supply to the Refreshments Cabin before the start of the season.

Phil Hagerty to look to secure funding to purchase four additional intermediate sized club bikes and an additional half size cabin for storage purposes.

Manchester League AGM to be held at Gin Pit on Monday 12th January, 8 pm start.

Northern Alliance League AGM to be held at Gin Pit on Sunday 18th January, 12 noon start.

Midlands/North League AGM to be held at Gin Pit on Sunday 18th January, 2.30 pm start.


Phil Hagerty reported on his attendance at the launch of the Salford Cycling Strategy and his attendance at the Salford Cycling Forum meeting. There was the possibility of a cycle speedway demonstration at Salford Quays during the World Cup Triathlon event.


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