2003 World Championships Steering Group

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Minutes of meeting held at Astley & Tyldesley Miners' Welfare Club on Wednesday 12th February 2003.

Present : Brian Furness, Mike Hack, Phil Hagerty, Roy Heslop, Neil Howarth, Stuart Howarth, Steve Jarman, Tony Mann, Steve Mills, Fred Rothwell, Pete Ward.

Apologies : Bill Phillips, Len Priestley.

1. Minutes of Previous Meeting

Accepted, with the proviso that Steve Mills had tendered his apologies for absence.

2. Matters Arising

It was agreed that these would all be covered in Progress Reports.

3. Progress Reports

a) Sponsorship

SM - Miners' Welfare Club are to pursue Holts and Bass Breweries at a meeting on 13th February. Approach made to Patak's this week. 3 advertising boards (4 ft x 2 ft) were displayed to the meeting. Reported that 3 more advertisers had been secured. Confident of selling 50, with space at Astley & Tyldesley for 62 boards. Had raised charges for season to 130, of which 100 would be clear profit.

FR - Had made suitable arrangements for the Race Night. MH had booked the Miners' Welfare Club function room for Friday 28th February, from 7.30 pm. FR to organise Race Night, with a mix of races and bingo games.

BF - Was quizzed by both AM and SM re possibility of support or advertising from the BCF.

AM - Requested progress update on the Press Launch. BF to book a room and a date at the Velodrome. BF stated that catering has to be booked via the Velodrome on a price per head basis. BCF to approach Dave Hemsley and Karol Szymanski to attend the Press Launch.

b) Grant Aid

MH - Reported that the Wigan Community Chest grant was spent by the 31st January deadline.

c) Performing Rights

AM - Issue is not the Performing Rights Society, but having an entertainments licence on public Council land. Issue applies to Bury, not to Astley & Tyldesley. AM to pursue.

d) Accommodation

AM - Permission granted for camping at Goshen.

NH - Had not made an approach to the USA or Holland to ascertain their requirements.

MH - Quoted Polish requirements that 15 riders and officials preferred hotel accommodation, dependent on price.

SH - Reported that 20 rooms at the Wilton Hotel, Middleton had been reserved, at a rate of 46.95 per room per night, excluding breakfast. Accommodation for 2 adults and 2 children. He had also approached the Birch Hotel, Heywood, who had quoted rooms at 42 per night.

SM - Reported that the Greyhound Hotel, Leigh had 75 rooms, 25 of which are American style suites. Quoted rates of 41.50 per night for a double room, excluding breakfast, and 51.50 per night for a 5 bed suite, excluding breakfast. The Hotel has recently been extensively re-furbished and extended.

RH - Had approached the Travel Lodge at Lowton and the Greyhound Hotel, Leigh. Quoted rates of 101.40 per room for four nights at the Travel Lodge, including continental breakfast. No limits on amount that can be eaten. Bookings to be secured by credit card.

ALL - Meeting agreed that the Greyhound Hotel be designated as the official hotel for the Championships, with the Wilton Hotel and the Lowton Travel Lodge designated as official alternatives. A set number of rooms to be reserved for foreign squads at the Greyhound Hotel.

BF - Will issue an information pack to all visiting nations.

e) Promotional Protocols

Nothing to discuss.

f) Merchandise

FR - NH to design T shirts, FR to pursue quotes.

NH - Will produce flyers and posters. Circulated copies of a flyer.

RH - Awaiting quotes from a supplier of general souvenir merchandise.

MH - Will approach Shaun Hudson re offering exclusive cycle sales rights at Astley.

g) Transport

SH - Stated that the impending licence change may cause problems, if vehicles larger than 7 seaters used. Looking at the use of one mini-bus from 'Bury end' and one from 'Astley end', or using taxis. RH stated that he has a 7 seater people carrier available. MH has already made contact with Blackmoor Service Station, Astley who will soon have a mini-bus for hire.

h) Scheduling

BF - Has received e-mails from Poland concerning the possible scheduling of this year's Championships.

i) Television

FR - Has approached a production company, who will attempt to sell rights. They have requested a video of a previous major championship. Offer the Bury meeting to the company to cover.

PH - Will pursue Roy Nichol, Belle Vue Speedway, to cover the Astley meeting.

FR - Reported that a cycling magazine have approached Pedalsport for advertising, who in turn have requested coverage of the Championships in the magazine.

Next meeting

To be held at Astley & Tyldesley Miners' Welfare Club, on Wednesday 9th April 2003, 7.30 pm start.


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