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"I would like to thank all involved in the British party for making our Grand Opening a success, what follows is the report of the event."

 David Cooke, Cycle Speedway USA.

The Grand opening of Cycle Speedway USA and the USA vs.GB Matches.

Easter April 10th saw The Grand opening of the first International Cycle Speedway track in the USA.  In celebration the Town of Prescott Valley AZ and Cycle Speedway USA Inc staged the USA youth vs Great Britain youth "Festival of Cycle Speedway".  Riders and Officials from Great Britain having arrived earlier in the week, the Edenton Cycle Speedway group arriving Thursday to take part in the meet and give much needed help.

Celebrations began Thursday night when the Town Council hosted a reception for all concerned, presentations were made and various speeches of congratulations were heard from local dignitaries and the Great Britain Team representatives.

Saturday morning dawned and the historic day began, after various introductions the local High School Marching Band led a parade of riders,  The National Anthems were played for both Countries and a ribbon cutting Ceremony took place, Ron Tarrant veteran cycle speedway rider who drove all the way from Canada to be present, did the Honors.  The much anticipated moment was here the first race at the new track, the tape rose, and the crowd roared enthusiastically as the riders put on a great race to the finish Great Britain taking the honors 7-2

The racing that followed was exciting for all, riders and spectators alike.  The first US victory came when local rider Adam Peakeman (born in Scotland) took advantage of a mistake from the British pair and raced to the line first, the crowd erupted as Adam took to the track for a victory lap, and so the day went on with other US victories from David Cooke Jnr, Aaron Kubaska, David Robertson and others, at the interval our tots took to the track the race that followed being no less intense than the older riders, the crowd, especially the moms cheered them on.  Racing went on and a great day was had by all, excitement was handed out in large quantities and the crowd roared its approval all day long.

The final scores

Under 13,s USA 79 GB 101

Under 16,s USA 55 GB 95

We would like to thank the GB riders who appeared to run a little slower than usual, thus enabling the inexperienced US riders to win a few races.  We figured this was probably due to the altitude 5,500.00 ft (cough cough) a nods as good as a wink.

Sunday saw a trip to the Grand Canyon for all and a welcome rest from Saturday's activities.

Monday saw more racing this time the senior riders became involved and as always happens when old rivals get together the racing was intense and belied the age of many of the contestants.  A best of three challenge was held between David Cooke Snr and Martin Gamble, old team rivals from the seventies in Sheffield,  The $20 challenge as it was called resulted in one win each and a tie in the third heat, in the third heat, riders crossed the line with there hands locked in friendship, it should also be noted that Martin was suffering from the altitude, (cough) this was much appreciated by David.

What a tremendous weekend, a Historic first in the USA, great battles between the USA and GB youth riders, and a sometimes tearful reunion between old rivals.

All at Cycle Speedway USA would like to thank all those who made a tremendous effort to take part in this event and make it the success it was.  We look forward to sending a Prescott Valley team to GB in the near future, and to renewing the friendships that have been formed in this historic event.


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