Cycle Speedway British Indoor Championships 2005

The British Indoor Championships were held at Broughton Recreation Centre, Salford.

Saturday 12th November 2005  
Under 13s  
Carl Jarvis Leicester   20pts
Chris Dyson Bury   19pts
Mark Carmichael Newport   18pts
Declan O'Shea Bury   16pts
Andrew Turnbull Kesgrave   14pts
Mark Hollingsworth Bury   14pts
Oliver Cator Tameside   14pts
Robbie Venson Leicester   14pts
Michael Collins Bury   13pts
Ryan O'Shea Bury   11pts
Matthew Hartshorn Leicester   10pts
Amy Crouch Leicester     9pts
Dylan Radcliffe Astley & Tyldesley     9pts
Sam Hartshorn Leicester     8pts
Abigail Brooke Ipswich     6pts
Michelle Whitehead Leicester     5pts
Luke Whitehead Leicester  Reserve dnr
Luke Hartshorn Leicester  Reserve dnr
Referee  Mr Mick Pedley   Wednesfield  
Under 16s  
Joe Twiss Stoke   19pts
Ashley Birks Sheffield   17pts
Mikey Hewittson Bury   17pts
Lee Richardson Ipswich   16pts
David Ball Sandwell   15pts
Chris Timms Birmingham   14pts
Warren Mee Astley & Tyldesley   13pts
Thomas Pike Ipswich   12pts
Joshua Brooke Ipswich   11pts
Jamie Brown Sheffield   10pts
Will Collins Bury   10pts
Lucy Whitehead Leicester     9pts
Tom Colling Southampton     9pts
Ashley Simpson Bury     8pts
Daniel Baker Birmingham     6pts
Ashley Doughty Leicester     6pts
Stuart Bentley Wednesfield  Reserve dnr
Daniel Harrison Tameside  Reserve dnr
Referee  Mr Brian Eaton   Tameside  
Brian Eaton Tameside   20pts
Mick Pedley Wednesfield   19pts
Mark Janes Horspath   18pts
Paul Timms Birmingham   17pts
Mick Aris Wednesfield   16pts
Martin Glover Horspath   15pts
Gary Hollingswoprth Bury   15pts
Derek Garnett Tameside   12pts
Stephan Whitehead Leicester   12pts
Peter Mittell Somersham   11pts
Tony Ridgwell East London   10pts
Referee  Mr Ralph Doughty   Leicester  
Sunday 13th November 2005  
Under 19s  
Daniel Pike Leicester   19pts
Ben Scranage Bury   19pts
Lewis Osborne Horspath   16.5pts
Andrew Mittell Somersham   15.5pts
Simon Munden Stoke   14pts
Jonathan Birks Sheffield   13pts
Lee Ridgwell Southampton   13pts
Mikey Hewittson Bury   13pts
Chris Eaton Tameside   12pts
Ashley Birks Sheffield   11pts
Thomas Pike Ipswich   11pts
Joshua Brooke Ipswich   10pts
Tom Doyle Bury     9pts
Chris Davies Newport     7pts
Joe Twiss Stoke     4pts
Ashley Simpson Bury     3pts
Stuart Bentley Wednesfield  reserve   3pts
Ian Warren Wednesfield  reserve 1pt
Referee  Mr Mick Pedley   Wednesfield  
Open  Semi-final One  
Daniel Pike Leicester   19pts
Mark Boaler Horspath   18pts
Jonathan Birks Sheffield   17pts
Andrew Mittell Somersham   16pts
Steve Harris Horspath   14pts
Trevor Hulton Astley & Tyldesley   14pts
Chris Jewkes Wednesfield   14pts
Nicky Whitehead Leicester   14pts
Lee Ridgwell Southampton   12pts
Craig Marchant Leicester   12pts
Danny Harper Horspath   10pts
Neil Howarth Bury   10pts
Michael Parish Bury     8pts
Chris Davies Newport     7pts
Peter Mittell Somersham     6pts
Chris Parish Bury   dnr
Barry Copping Somersham  reserve   6pts
Referee  Mr Brian Eaton   Tameside  
Open  Semi-final Two     
Chris Eaton Tameside   20pts
Terry Norman Stoke   17pts
Ben Scranage Bury   17pts
Stephen Ward Tameside   17pts
Mark Whitehead  Leicester   15pts
Chris Finnigan Astley & Tyldesley   14pts
Garry Pearce Stoke   14pts
Brian Eaton Tameside   13pts
Joe Twiss Stoke   13pts
Simon Munden Stoke   10pts
Lewis Osborne Horspath   10pts
Adam Peck Wednesfield     9pts
Danny White Tameside     9pts
Darren Kent Heckmondwike     8pts
Steve Copping Somersham     6pts
Scott Jarman Bury     6pts
Referee  Mr Martin Gamble   Sheffield  
Steve Harris Horspath   19pts
Daniel Pike Leicester   18pts
Garry Pearce Stoke   17pts
Terry Norman Stoke   17pts
Chris Finnigan Astley & Tyldesley   14pts
Mark Whitehead Leicester   14pts
Jonathan Birks Sheffield   14pts
Mark Boaler Horspath   13pts
Chris Eaton Tameside   11pts
Stephen Ward Tameside   10pts
Chris Jewkes Wednesfield     9pts
Andrew Mittell Somersham     9pts
Ben Scranage Bury     9pts
Nicky Whitehead Leicester     7pts
Brian Eaton Tameside     5pts
Trevor Hulton Astley & Tyldesley     5pts
Craig Marchant Leicester  reserve   1pt
Simon Munden Stoke  reserve dnr
Referee  Mr Martin Gamble   Sheffield  

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