A & Ts  Youngsters in action at Newport

Astley & Tyldesley's youngsters raced at Newport, Gwent in the U-13 British Team Championships on Saturday. John Nuttall and Dylan Radcliffe both turned in impressive performances to score well, whilst U-10 riders Charlie Keirl and Ryan King both tried hard, but understandably struggled in a higher age category. King was twice excluded for cutting across the inside edge and gaining an advantage. A & T's 5th place in their semi-final saw them eliminated.

Newport went on to win the final, with Leicester 2nd and Ipswich 3rd.

U-13 British Team Championship 2nd Semi-Final result.

Ipswich 'A' 67 Sheffield 54 Exeter 'A' 52 Newport 'B' 51 Astley & Tyldesley 45 Leicester 'B' 28.

Ipswich: Joseph Jacobs 15, Ryan Beeston 15, Jack Woolard 14, Jordan Stant 13, Kyle Doncaster 10.

Sheffield: Josh Bonney 19, Tom Burgess 17, Cole Bonney 10, Rich Hudson 8.

Exeter 'A': Tom Reed 20, Arron Herbert 11, Arron Coles 8, Joe Avery 7, Sam Dart 6.

Newport 'B': Corey Burnell-Jones 17, Louise Carmichael 13, Lewis Broad 11, Jennifer Carmichael 10.

A & T: John Nuttall 16, Dylan Radcliffe 15, Charlie Keirl 8, Ryan King 6.

Leicester 'B': Ross Palmer 9, Sam Hartshorn 8, Michelle Whitehead 6, Ellie Deacon 4, Luke Whitehead 1.

Referee - Ron Jefferies (Swindon).

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