Expulsions - Cycle Speedway Commission Statement

Statement from the Cycle Speedway Commission

News Posted: 24th April 2007

The Cycle Speedway Commission has expelled Bury and Coventry from the British Premier League after it was found that documentation for the Combination League match between the two teams, scheduled for Easter Sunday, had been falsified. The action has been endorsed by the BC Board.

Allegations that the Combination League match had not been ridden despite official forms being signed and a result declared had been substantiated by a number of witnesses. The Commission found that:

  • The two clubs had colluded to provide falsified documentation that a match had taken place and a result had been achieved.

  • Representatives of each club had signed the documentation before submitting it to the Premier League.

  • The documentation had also been signed by a graded referee.

  • A member of the Cycle Speedway Commission executive was party to the activities.

  • In view of the above proven evidence, the Commission agreed to:-

  • Disqualify the Coventry club from the 2007 Premier League competition forthwith.

  • Disqualify the Bury club from the 2007 Premier League competition forthwith.

  • Revoke invitations for the referees Jez Hughes and Pete Ward to officiate in 2007 British Cycling events.

  • Remove the referees Jez Hughes and Pete Ward from the list of graded referees forthwith.

  • Ask Pete Ward for his resignation from the post of Competitions Director forthwith.

  • The Commission has invited Pete Barnes to serve as interim Competition Director, and Ewan Tulloch as Premier League recorder.

    Matches that have already taken place involving the two clubs will be expunged from the records, and the remaining fixtures involving other clubs will be run as scheduled.

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