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Sun 4th July Bury v Astley & Tyldesley Bury

Astley & Tyldesley made the short trip to Bury for their first away North & Scotland League fixture of the season, on Sunday. With rain falling throughout most of the meeting, it was an unpleasant afternoon on a heavy track, particularly for A&T, who lost all three matches.

It was a depleted A&T team that lined up in the Division 1 match. Bury gained revenge for their defeat at Gin Pit in May, by racing to a convincing 120 -60 win, taking maximum points in 13 of the 18 races. Five Bury riders raced unbeaten, as A&T failed to provide a single race winner. Steve Harris and Mark Grantham managed two second places each, with Charlie Burgess taking a second in heat 17.

North & Scotland League Division 1 match result:

Bury 120 Astley & Tyldesley 60

Bury: Harry Radford 21 (3), Will Owens 20 (4), Adam Turnbull 20 (2), Kris Ramsden 18 (2), Eryk Motala 18 (2), Kaysar Mohammadi 16, Mark Radford 4, Tom Dunphy 3.

A&T: Mark Grantham 13, Charlie Burgess 13, Steve Harris 11, Sonny Waddington 9, Duncan Whalley 7 (1), Owen Simcock 7.

Referee - Neil Howarth.

It was a similar tale in the Division 2 match, with A&T fielding only five riders. Duncan Whalley and Mark Grantham both won two races each for the visitors. For Bury, Harry Radford and Eryk Motala were unbeaten up to the last heat, before Eryk collected a gate exclusion and Harry followed Sonny Waddington home, to seal a 86-57 win for Bury.

North & Scotland League Division 2 match result:

Bury 86 Astley & Tyldesley 57

Bury: Mark Radford 18, Tom Dunphy 16 (1), Harry Radford 15 (4), Steve Mann 15 (3), Eryk Motala 15 (1), Bobby Dunphy 7 (1).

A&T: Duncan Whalley 16, Mark Grantham 15 (1), Owen Simcock 11, Sonny Waddington 9 (1), Myles Grantham 6 (1),

Referee - Neil Howarth.

The Division 3 match was A&T's best performance of the day, as the six of A&T put up a really good show against the nine of Bury. A&T's Oscar Belt raced unbeaten in the u-10 category, with team mate Sonny Waddington losing only to Oscar. In the u-13 section, Bury's Tom Dunphy and A&T's Duncan Whalley jointly top scored, losing once to each other. Despite some excellent performances by the A&T riders, Bury's numerical superiority proved decisive, as they ran out 84-72 winners.

North & Scotland League Division 3 match result:

Bury 84 Astley & Tyldesley 72

Bury: Tom Dunphy 15, Tomasz Polomski 13, George Keeble 13, Bobby Dunphy 12, Lucas Gifford 11, Sam Dunphy 7, Tom Gifford 5, Charlie Dunford 4, Harry Dunford 4.

A&T: Oscar Belt 16, Duncan Whalley 15, Sonny Waddington 14, Myles Grantham 11, Alex Lawless 8, Harriet Belt 8.

Referee - Neil Howarth.
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