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Tue 12th October A&T Ladder Individual Series R2 Astley & Tyldesley

Round 2 of the A&T Ladder League series took place at Gin Pit on Tuesday evening. 20 heats were completed, despite the now obligatory rain on a Tuesday.

16 club riders turned out, 8 of whom are first year riders, with each rider having five races, over the 20 heats formula. There was plenty of interest throughout the evening, with riders moving up or down a level or grid position, dependent on their results from each race.

Charlie Burgess took the overall win, after winning all his five races from grid 4, in the top level. Duncan Whalley was runner-up and had some great tussles with Frank White, generally powering round the Little League u10 Champion on the last lap. 9 years old first year rider Josh Pilkington put in a great showing to finish in 4th place on the night. David Hamilton impressed in his first ever go at cycle speedway, finishing in 6th place on the night.

A&T Ladder League Round 2 - final positions:

1st Charlie Burgess, 2nd Duncan Whalley, 3rd Frank White, 4th Josh Pilkington. 5th Oscar Belt, 6th David Hamilton, 7th Owen Simcock, 8th Harriet Belt. 9th Levi Edwards, 10th Alex Lawless, 11th Jasmine Lawless, 12th Thomas Smith. 13th Holly Walmsley, 14th Chloe Bassett, 15th Ted Woods, 16th Jake Mulholland.

Referee - Chaz Whalley.
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