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Sat 26th June British Youth & Junior League Regional Round 2 Astley & Tyldesley

Astley & Tyldesley hosted North Regional Round 2 of the British Youth & Junior League and Little League series on Saturday. 33 riders from four clubs made for an entertaining afternoon's racing at a warm and sunny Gin Pit.

Astley & Tyldesley took the team spoils in the Little League match, for u-8 and u-10 riders, but were pushed all the way by Sheffield and Bury. Bury's Bobby Dunphy raced unbeaten in the u-8 heats and went on to win the u-8 GP 'A' Final. A&T's Frank White continued his amazing run, when he raced all season unbeaten at u-8 level in 2019, by racing unbeaten in the u-10 heats and winning the u-10 GP 'A' Final, ahead of Sheffield's Oliver Banyard, who also raced unbeaten in the u-10 heats.

Little League match result:

Astley & Tyldesley 51 Sheffield 45 Bury 42 Hull 22

U-8 scorers: Bobby Dunphy (Bury) 16, Eddie Owolabi-O'Shea (Sheffield) 14, Lincoln Ackroyd (Sheffield) 11, Alex Lees (Bury) 10, Harry Dunford (Bury) 9, Alexander Lawless (A&T) 8, Charlie Dunford (Bury) 7, Ted Woods (A&T) 5.
U-10 scorers: Frank White (A&T) 16, Oliver Banyard (Sheffield) 16, Oscar Belt (A&T) 12, Sonny Waddington (A&T) 10, William Holich (Hull) 9, Harry Gibson (Hull) 7, Raylan Durkin (Hull) 6, Charlie Taylor (Sheffield) 4.
U-8 GP 'A' Final: Bobby Dunphy, Eddie Owolabi-O'Shea, Alex Lees, Lincoln Ackroyd.
U-8 GP 'B' Final: Harry Dunford, Alexander Lawless, Charlie Dunford, Ted Woods.
U-10 GP 'A' Final: Frank White, Oliver Banyard, Oscar Belt, Sonny Waddington.
U-10 GP 'B' Final: Harry Gibson, William Holich, Charlie Taylor, Raylan Durkin.

Referee - Catherine White.

Astley & Tyldesley made it a double team success, with victory in the British Youth & Junior League match, for the older riders, with Hull and Sheffield their closest rivals. Hull's Noah Lyon raced unbeaten in the u-12 heats and went on to win the u-12 GP 'A' Final. A&T's Duncan Whalley also raced unbeaten in the u-14 heats and went on to win the u-14 GP 'A' Final. A&T's Lucy Grantham was the lone entrant for the Girls category, so she raced in the u-14 heats. Sheffield's Kielan Burton raced unbeaten in the combined u-16/ u-18 match. He won the u-18 GP Final, with A&T's Charlie Burgess winning the u-16 GP Final.

British Youth & Junior League match result:

Astley & Tyldesley 84 Hull 53 Sheffield 51 Bury 19

U-12 scorers: Noah Lyon (Hull) 16, Lacey Ackroyd (Sheffield) 14, Kacey Bennett (Hull) 12, Jack Waddington (A&T) 12, Harriet Belt (A&T) 8, Dexter Mole (A&T) 7, Sam Dunphy (Bury) 7.
U-14 scorers: Duncan Whalley (A&T) 16, Liam Bennett (Hull) 13, Sam Stansfield (Sheffield) 13, Tom Dunphy (Bury) 12, Laythan Sharp (Sheffield) 8.
Girls scorers: Lucy Grantham (A&T) 16.
U-16 scorers: Charlie Burgess (A&T) 16, Owen Simcock (A&T) 9.
U-18 scorers: Kielan Burton (Sheffield) 16, Ryan Tomkinson (Hull) 12.
U-12 GP 'A' Final: Noah Lyon, Jack Waddington, Lacey Ackroyd, Kacey Bennett.
U-12 GP 'B' Final: Harriet Belt, Sam Dunphy, Dexter Mole.
U-14 GP 'A' Final: Duncan Whalley, Liam Bennett, Sam Stansfield, Tom Dunphy.
U-14 GP 'B' Final: Laythan Sharp.
Girls GP 'A' Final: Lucy Grantham.
U-16 GP 'A' Final: Charlie Burgess, Owen Simcock.
U-18 GP 'A' Final: Kielan Burton, Ryan Tomkinson.

Referee - Catherine White.
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