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Sat 28th August British Individual Finals - Day 1 Southampton

Many congratulations go to Frank White on winning the u-10 Little League Boys Individual Final at Southampton on Saturday. Frank was the lone Astley & Tyldesley club entry and he raced to a 20 points maximum score, to add to the u-8 Little League title he won in 2019. In doing so, Frank continued his amazing run of winning every race at u-8 level in 2019 and at u-10 level in 2021. No u-10 events were held in 2020. The u-10 Boys and Girls raced together in one match, with the placings subsequently split for each competition.

The u-8 and u-10 competitions are unofficial British Individual Championships, as British Cycling do not recognise official British titles for cycle speedway until the u-12 level, although they are contested by the country's best riders in those age categories.

Little League Under 8 Championship

Bobby Dunphy (Bury) 16, Samuel Ridley (Hellingly) 15, Tom Comben (Southampton) 15, Roman Boaler (Horspath) 15 (after run-off), Jacob Jewkes (Wednesfield) 13, Jackson Champan (Poole) 12, Lincoln Powling (Kesgrave) 12, Tom Parr (Kesgrave) 11, Tallulah Curtis (Poole) 11, Coby Taylor (Horspath) 10, Freddie Mower (Great Blakenham) 10, Caiden Spencer (Coventry) 9, Oscar Pemberton (Kesgrave) 9, Izzac Laing (Poole) 7, Emma Blissett (Poole) 6, Adam Palka (Poole) 6, Max Strong (Poole) 6

Referee: Colin Wheeler (Hampshire)

Little League Under 10 Boys Championship

Frank White (Astley & Tyldesley) 20, Connor Jarrett (Norwich) 19, Oliver Banyard (Sheffield) 17, Jacob Jones (Birmingham) 16, Coben Ashford (Great Blakenham) 14, Isaac Powling (Kesgrave) 13, Sam Comben (Southampton) 12, Carson East (Coventry) 10, Matthew Medrycki (Poole) 9, Ethan Blissett (Poole) 8, Theo Case (Kesgrave) 8, Ioan Watts (Hellingly) 5
Little League Under 10 Girls Championship

Demi-Blu Harris (Kesgrave) 18, Maisy Baker (Ipswich) 14, Lola Martin (Hethersett) 10, Natalia Palka (Poole) 6

Referee: Colin Wheeler (Hampshire)

Under 12 Boys Championship

Harvey Shumake (Kesgrave) 20, Luca Woodhouse (Kesgrave) 19, Mitchell Baker (Ipswich) 15, Noah Lyon (Hull) 15 (after run-off), Oscar Hammond (Kesgrave) 14, Jamie Randall (Poole) 13, Teddy Curtis (Poole) 13, Riley Nation (Poole) 13, Harry Ridley (Hellingly) 13, Jude Wilcockson (Coventry) 12, Alfie Boaler (Horspath) 12, Joseph Gillespie (Southampton) 9, Alfie Batten (Southampton) 9, Dylan Geer (Hellingly) 7, Rudy Penketh (Southampton) 6, Will Blackmore (Norwich) 0 (withdrew injured after 1st ride)

Referee: Bret Tucker (Devon)

Under 12 Girls & Under 14 Girls Championship

Natalie Goulden (Poole) 16, Lexie Curtis (Poole) 15, Daisy Sherwood (Poole) 14, Lily Parr (Kesgrave) 13-1st Under 12, Yoanna Gilpin (Coventry) 11- 2nd Under 12, Ella Case (Kesgrave) 9, Amberley Gant (Kesgrave) non starter
Referee: Dave Dart (Devon)

Under 14 Boys Championship

JJ Wildman (Exeter) 20, Charlie Parr (Kesgrave) 19, Mason Martin (Hethersett) 17, Kenzie Bennett (Poole) 16, Shaun Kell (Norwich) 15, Ollie Saunders (Poole) 14, Ryker Jolly (Kesgrave) 14, Leon Penketh (Southampton) 13, Chester Gilpin (Coventry) 13, Corey Burt (Wednesfield) 11, Detlan Baker (Ipswich) 10, Sonny Whale (Southampton) 9, Sam Stansfield (Sheffield) 8, George Whale (Southampton) 7, Connor Legg (Horspath) 7, Tyler Seabright (Horspath) 7

Referee: Dave Dart (Devon)
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