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Sun 29th August British Individual Finals - Day 2 East Newport

Steve Harris took the bronze medal in the British o-50 Individual Championship at East Newport, on Sunday. The defending champion had to settle for this, after losing a 2nd place run-off against World o-50 Champion Paddy Wenn, after both riders had finished on 18 points. Norman Venson took the title, with a 20 points maximum.

British Over 50ís Individual Championship:

Norman Venson (Leicester) 20, Paddy Wenn (Norwich) 18, Steve Harris (Astley & Tyldesley) 18 (after run-off), Jason Ashford (Great Blakenham) 17, Lee Galley (Newport) 16, Lee Ashman (Wednesfield) 15, Alan Nation (Poole) 14, Adrian Ryan (Poole) 13, Steve Nation (Poole) 12, Stuart Marsh (Newport) 11, Paul Timms (Birmingham) non starter

Referee: Terry Ashford (Suffolk)

Following the o-50 match, Steve contested the o-40 Championship, and again lost out in a run-off. This time, Steve finished 2nd in a three man run-off for third place, after finishing on 13 points. Mark Winwood took the title, ahead of Nicky Whitehead, with Kevin Burns third.

British Over 40ís Individual Championship:

Mark Winwood (Birmingham) 15, Nicky Whitehead (Leicester) 14, Kevin Burns (Leicester) 13, Steve Harris (Astley & Tyldesley) 13, Mark Whitehead (Leicester) 13 (after run-off), Andrew Yard (Exeter) 12, Paul Share (Wednesfield) 11, Craig Whitehead (Leicester) 9

Referee: Terry Ashford (Suffolk)

Reece Pollitt scored 14 points in both his Open Semi-Final matches at Newport, to book his place in his third successive British Open Individual Final.

Open Semi-Final 2:

Chris Timms (Birmingham) 18, Ben Mould (Horspath) 17, Mark Carmichael (Horspath) 16, Aaron Smith (Poole) 15, Myke Grimes (Coventry) 14, Andy Angell (Hull) 14, Reece Pollitt (Astley & Tyldesley) 14, Lewis Foxley (Edinburgh) 13, Ashley Hill (Ipswich) 13, Nathan Everett (Hull) 11, Miatt Mildon (Poole) 11, Connor Tucker (Poole) 10, Adam Bennett (Newport) 8, Matt Eglan (Hull) 7, Cameron Gill (Coventry) 7, Chris Davies (Newport) 2

Referee: Dave Dart (Devon)

Open Semi-Final 4:

Mark Boaler (Horspath) 18, Will Jeffery (Horspath) 17, Chris Timms (Birmingham) 16, Ashley Hill (Ipswich) 15, Josh Brooke (Great Blakenham) 15, Chris Jewkes (Wednesfield) 14, Reece Pollitt (Astley & Tyldesley) 14, Connor Tucker (Poole) 14, Ben Mould (Horspath) 14, Matt Eglan (Hull) 13, Nathan Everet (Hull) 13, Lewis Foxley (Edinburgh) 11, Adam Bennett (Newport) 11, James Porter (Ipswich) 8, Owen Johnson (Horspath) 7

Referee: Colin Simmons (Monmouthshire)

British Under 16 Girls Championship:

Natalie Goulden (Poole) 16, Phoebe Hammond (Kesgrave) 15, Rebekah Humphries (Birmingham) 14, Shannon Tucker (Exeter) 13, Megan Burt (Wednesfield) 12, Hannah Jones (Birmingham) 11, Aimee Porter (Kesgrave) 10, Autumn Smith (Coventry) 9, Sophie Bees (Newport) non starter

Referee: Andy Parfitt (West Midlands)

British Junior Individual Championship:

Lewis Brinkhoff (Ipswich) 15, Ben Clarke (Ipswich) 15 (after run-off), Tom Savage (Coventry) 13, Daniel Wright (East Newport) 12, Noah Woodhouse (Kesgrave) 12, Nathan Goulden (Poole) 11, Tom Blackmore (Norwich) 10, Torsten Jolly (Kesgrave) non starter

Referee: Bret Tucker (Devon)

British Over 60ís Individual Championship:

Dave Murphy (Exeter) 16, Steve Nation (Poole) 14, Paul Timms (Birmingham) 14 (after run-off), Andy Collett (Exeter) 13, Colin Simmons (Newport) 13, Steve Clark (Newport) 11, Martin Davies (Newport) 10, Terry Ashford (Great Blakenham) 9, Chris Ward (Horspath) 8

Referee: Dave Dart (Devon)
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