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Tue 31st August A&T Go-Ride Grand Prix Round 4 Astley & Tyldesley

Astley & Tyldesley concluded a highly successful summer of recruitment, taster and Go-Ride events, with the 4th Round of the A&T Go-Ride Grand Prix series at Gin Pit on Tuesday. 16 riders lined up for the 20 heats match, including 10 first year riders. As always, riders were handicapped, to reflect the differences in age, ability and experience and a most enjoyable event followed.

Jack Waddington took the win on the night, finishing ahead of Alex Lawless, with 4 year old Lillie Field winning a run-off for 3rd place - all first year riders.

In the overall standings, Charlie Burgess held on to win the overall series, despite missing the last round, with Duncan Whalley second and Alex Lawless third.

60 new riders have participated in taster events at Gin Pit this year, with the A&T club's recruitment sessions held in conjunction with ATSA, British Cycling's Let's Ride Summer of Cycling and Go-Ride events, Access Sport's Wingz Cycle Speedway events and MM Chinese Club's summer holiday activities.

Astley & Tyldesley Go-Ride Grand Prix Round 4 result:

Jack Waddington 18, Alex Lawless 16, Lillie Field 15, Levi Edwards 15, Jasmine Lawless 14, Duncan Whalley 14, Ted Woods 13, Dexter Mole 13, Sonny Waddington 13, Myles Grantham 13, Harriet Belt 10, Oscar Belt 10, Owen Simcock 10, Dylan Field 9, Zijun Wang 8, Holly Walmsley 7.

Referee - Chaz Whalley.
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