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Sun 3rd July Northern Fours & Junior League
Round 4

Astley & Tyldesley won an exciting Northern Fours League Round 4 match at Bury, on Sunday.

A&T and Bury were neck and neck throughout the match, before A&T riders won their final three races, whilst Bury riders finished third in each of their last three races. Reece Pollitt and Pawel Idziorek rode to superb maximum scores, with excellent back up from Steve Harris and a vital four third places from Duncan Whalley. Kris Ramsden led the Bury scoring, losing only to Pollitt in heat 16, whilst Mike Baldock won his first three races. A last lap pass by Terry Norman on Bury's Danny Taylor in heat 24 ensured that Stockport finished in third place on the day.

Northern Fours League Round 4 result:

Astley & Tyldesley 54 Bury 50 Stockport 41 Sheffield 40 Heckmondwike 28 Hull 26

A&T: Reece Pollitt 16, Pawel Idziorek 16, Steve Harris 14, Duncan Whalley 8, Owen Simcock dnr.
Bury: Kris Ramsden 15, Mike Baldock 14, Danny Taylor 9, Adam Turnbull 7, Kaysar Mohammadi 5.
Stockport: Ben Higham 13, Paul Graham 11, Terry Norman 10, Mark Grantham 7.
Sheffield: Dariusz Pilas 13, Jack Brownell 10, Kyle Holland 9, Will Banyard 8, Joe Brownell dnr.
Heckmondwike: Darren Kent 13, Dan Green 7, Pat Beacock 3, Justin Naylor 3, Tony Lebrasse 2.
Hull: Jack Lister 9, Lewis Foxley 9, Liam Bennett 4, Jacob Francis 3, John Gowans 1.

Referee - Luke Morton.

Fours League standings: A&T 21, Stockport 18, Bury 16, Sheffield 14, Hull 9, Heckmondwike 6.

There was an excellent entry of 32 riders for the ladder format in the u-10 and u-13 categories of the Northern Junior League. Another 20 riders lined up for the second part of the event, in the u-16, u-19 and Division 2 categories. Heckmondwike's eight Division 2 riders were instrumental in helping them to a convincing win in the Team competition, with A&T runners-up and Hull third. For A&T, Duncan Whalley rode to another 16 points maximum score in the u-16 event. Newcomer Nahom Tumizghy put in an impressive performance in winning all his four races at u-10 level.

Northern Junior League Round 4 provisional result:

Heckmondwike 149 Astley & Tyldesley 114 Hull 101 Sheffield 84 Bury 59 Stockport 0

u-10s: Bobby Dunphy (Bury) 16, Harry Gibson (Hull) 15, Joseph Green (Heckmondwike) 14, Josh Pilkington (A&T) 13, Levi Edwards (A&T) 12, James Vanner (Heckmondwike) 11, Nahom Tumizghy (A&T) 10, Charlie Lebrasse (Heckmondwike) 9, Charlie Taylor (Sheffield) 8, Alex Lawless (A&T) 7, Elwood Harrison (Hull) 6, Thomas Smith (A&T) 5, Jake Mulholland (A&T) 4, Ted Woods (A&T) 3, Josh Gearing (Hull) 2, Polly Gowans (Hull) 1, Lincoln Davies (A&T) 1, Alby Gledhill (Hull) 1.
u-13s: Jayden Hancock (Bury) 16, Noah Lyon (Hull) 15, Oliver Banyard (Sheffield) 14, Kasey Bennett (Hull) 13, George Lebrasse (Hull) 12, Oscar Belt (A&T) 11, Elliot Long (Heckmondwike) 10, Robin Darlington (Sheffield) 9, Will Hollich (Hull) 8, Harriet Belt (A&T) 7, Danny Cowley (Sheffield) 6, Savannah Hancock (Bury) 5, Chloe Bassett (A&T) 4, Toby Darlington (Sheffield) 3.
u-16s: Duncan Whalley (A&T) 16, Tom Dunphy (Bury) 15, Liam Bennett (Hull) 14, Joe Brownell (Sheffield) 13, Jack Lebrasse (Heckmondwike) 12, Caspar Ellis (A&T) 11, Owen Simcock (A&T) 10.
u-19s: Jack Brownell (Sheffield) 16, Jacob Francis (Hull) 15.
Div. 2: Will Banyard (Sheffield) 15, Darren Kent (Heckmondwike) 15, Pat Beacock (Heckmondwike) 14, Dan Green (Heckmondwike) 13, Stuart Hardaker (Heckmondwike) 11, Tony Lebrasse (Heckmondwike) 11, John Gowans (Hull) 11, Justin Naylor (Heckmondwike) 8, Steve Mann (Bury) 7, Chris Green (Heckmondwike) 5, Philip Vanner (Heckmondwike) 4.

Referees - Luke Morton and Danny Taylor.
Junior League standings: Sheffield 17, Heckmondwike 14 (421.5), Hull 14 (411), A&T 11, Bury 4, Stockport 0.
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