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Sun 10th April Hull v Astley & Tyldesley Hull

Astley & Tyldesley took a very depleted squad of just nine riders to Hull, for Sunday's North & Scotland League fixture, and unsurprisingly, lost all three matches. Credit goes to young Josh Pilkington and coaches Mike Hack and Chaz Whalley, for stepping in to complete the line-ups for the 1st and 2nd team matches.

A&T put up a strong showing in the Division 1 match. Despite trailing from heat 1 onwards, A&T kept in the hunt throughout, before losing 92-87. Captain Reece Pollitt was in excellent form, dropping his only point in heat 10, when home skipper Nathan Everett pipped him on the line. Team manager Steve Harris was in excellent form, losing only to Everett and Lewis Foxley. Duncan Whalley and Paul Graham formed a solid pairing in their races together. Everett and Foxley lost only to A&T's top two scorers, with Jack Lister picking up an exclusion after a fall and causing a stoppage in heat 11.

North & Scotland League Division 1 result:

Hull 92 Astley & Tyldesley 87

Hull: Nathan Everett 20 (1), Lewis Foxley 19, Jack Lister 18, Matt Eglen 12 (3), Jacob Francis 12 (1), Liam Bennett 10 (1), Rich Pawson 1, John Gowans dnr, Ryan Tomkinson dnr, Reagan Stubbs dnr.
A&T: Reece Pollitt 22 (1), Steve Harris 22, Paul Graham 15 (3), Duncan Whalley 12 (1), Mike Hack 7, Josh Pilkington 5, Owen Simcock 4.

Referee - Andy Schofield.

Hull rode to a convincing 86-63 win in the Division 2 match. For A&T, Duncan Whalley was in excellent form, losing only to Matt Eglen in heat 3. First year rider David Hamilton impressed, recovering well after a fall in heat 1. Eglen raced unbeaten for Hull, with solid scores throughout the side.

North & Scotland League Division 2 result:

Hull 86 Astley & Tyldesley 63

Hull: Jacob Francis 16 (2), Matt Eglen 15 (1), John Gowans 14 (4), Ryan Tomkinson 13 (1), Kacey Bennett 12, Rich Pawson 10, Elwood Harrison 4, Will Hollich 1, Josh Geering 1.
A&T: Duncan Whalley 19, David Hamilton 14, Owen Simcock 9 (1), Mike Hack 8, Josh Pilkington 7, Chaz Whalley 6.

Referee - Nathan Everett.

Hull lined up with an impressive number of 14 riders for the Division 3 match, against 2 from A&T. Josh Pilkington raced to a maximum 16 points in the u-10s category, with Chloe Bassett turning in an improved performance, scoring 11 in the u-13s category.

North & Scotland League Division 3 result:

Hull 152 Astley & Tyldesley 27

Hull: Noah Lyon 16, Harry Gibson 15, Kacey Bennett 14, Jayden Bennett 13, Josh Geering 12, Harvey Mclachlan 12, Elwood Harrison 11, Mason Gleadhill-Brown 11, Alexis Woodcock 9, Charlie Hamilton 9, Sidney Dixie 9, Albie Gleadhill-Brown 8, Polly Gowans 7, Will Hollich 6.
A&T: Josh Pilkington 16, Chloe Bassett 11.

Referee - Andy Schofield.
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