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Sat 18th May British Youth & Junior League Regional Round 3 Astley & Tyldesley

Astley & Tyldesley hosted North & Scotland Regional Round 3 of the British Youth & Junior League series on Saturday afternoon. It was a hot sunny day, with the track soon drying out after pre-match watering.

A&T rode to a convincing win in the Little League match, for u-8 and u-10 riders. James Jackson raced to a 16 points maximum score in the u-8 category, with Alex Lawless top scoring in the u-10 section. James and Alex went on to win their respective Individual Grand Prix Finals.

Little League results:

Team: Astley & Tyldesley 52 Heckmondwike 12 Hull 12
U-8 scorers: James Jackson (A&T) 16, Alexis Woodcock (Hull) 12, Billy Johnson (A&T) 8, Harry Jackson (A&T) 4.
U-8 GP Final: J. Jackson, Woodcock, Johnson, H. Jackson.
U-10 scorers: Alex Lawless (A&T) 15, Jim Vanner (Heckmondwike) 12, Elijah Rechembei (A&T) 9.
U-10 GP Final: Lawless, Vanner, Rechembei.:
Referee - Harry Radford.

The BYJL match followed, with Hull taking the team win from A&T, with Sheffield third. A&T's Josh Pilkington raced unbeaten in the u-12 qualifying heats and went on to win the GP 'A' Final. Hull's Spencer Glenton and Sheffield's Oliver Banyard joint top scored in the u-14 qualifiers, before Spencer beat Oliver to win the GP Final. Hull's Kacey Bennett raced unbeaten in the Girls qualifying races and won the GP Final.

British Youth & Junior League results:

Team: Hull 67 Astley & Tyldesley 53 Sheffield 27 Bury 11 Heckmondwike 6
U-12 scorers: Josh Pilkington (A&T) 16, Harry Gibson (Hull) 14, Bobby Dunphy (Bury) 11, Nahom Tumizghy (A&T) 11, Levi Edwards (A&T) 10, Jayden Bennett (Hull) 8, Joseph Green (Heckmondwike) 6, Jacob Barrington (A&T) 4.
U-12 GP 'A' Final: Pilkington, Dunphy, Gibson, Tumizghy.
U-12 GP 'B' Final: Edwards, Bennett, Green, Barrington.
U-14 scorers: Spencer Glenton (Hull) 15, Oliver Banyard (Sheffield) 15, Oscar Belt (A&T) 12, Charlie Mawhood (Sheffield) 12.
U-14 GP Final: Glenton, Banyard, Belt, Mawhood.
Girls scorers: Kacey Bennett (Hull) 16, Sophia Temple (Hull) 14.
Girls GP Final: Bennett, Temple.

Referee - Harry Radford.
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