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Sun 28th April Sheffield v Astley & Tyldesley
Div 1,2,3

Astley & Tyldesley travelled to Sheffield, to take on the Stars in a North & Scotland League fixture at The Graves. It was another wet day there, but fortunately the rain stopped after the Division 3 match, unlike last year's monsoon day. The track had dried out to give a good racing surface for the final match of the day, Division 2.

League leaders Sheffield raced to a convincing 114-66 win in the Division 1 match. John White won three races for A&T, and he spoiled the maximum hopes of all Sheffield's big guns. Terry Norman was A&T's only other race winner, in heat 15. Steve Harris took a heavy fall, after locking bikes with Niall Morton in heat 11, and he withdrew from the rest of the meeting, with an injured wrist.

North & Scotland League Division 1 result:

Sheffield 114 Astley & Tyldesley 66
Sheffield: Leon Wild 21 (2), Pawel Idziorek 21 (2), Kielan Burton 20 (2), Kyle Holland 18 (2), Niall Morton 16 (2), Aiden Owen 12 (4), Jack Brownell 4, Kieran Hale 2.
A&T: John White 18, Terry Norman 15, Frank White 10, Josh Pilkington 7, Steve Harris 6, Nahom Tumizghy 5, Oscar Belt. 5:

Referee - Rob Mawhood.

Division 2 saw the clash of the two unbeaten teams so far this season. A&T could only field four eligible riders, following the withdrawal of one rider in the morning and the injury to Steve Harris. For the first time in xx years, A&T had to field ineligible riders, to make up the team, conceding 49 penalty points in the process. A competitive match followed, with Sheffield winning by 10 points on the track, to take a 59 points win, by 128-69. No Sheffield rider was unbeaten, with John White losing only to Will Banyard in heat 10, whilst Frank White lost only to Jack Brownell in heat 3 and Will Banyard in heat 6.

North & Scotland League Division 2 result:

Sheffield 128 Astley & Tyldesley 69
Sheffield: Will Banyard 18 (1), Kieran Hale 15 (2), Oliver Banyard 13 (2), Lacey Ackroyd 12 (1), Jack Brownell 11, Joe Brownell 10 (1),
A&T: John White 18 (1), Frank White 17 (1), Terry Norman 13, Josh Pilkington 9, Nahom Tumizghy 6 (1), Oscar Belt 6.:

Referee - Kyle Holland .

There was success for A&T in the Division 3 match, as A&T maintained their winning run this season, with an emphatic 62-22 win in the rain. Frank White raced unbeaten, with strong scores from the rest of the team.

Northern League Division 3 result:

Sheffield 22 Astley & Tyldesley 62
Sheffield: Oliver Banyard 14, Lincoln Ackroyd 8.
A&T: Frank White 16, Elijah Rechembei 14, Josh Pilkington 11, Oscar Belt 11. Nahom Tumizghy 10.:

Referee - Rob Mawhood.

A big shout out to the A&T youngsters, four of whom raced in three matches today, in covering for absent riders.
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