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Tue 30th April Astley & Tyldesley Go-Ride League Round 1 Astley & Tyldesley

Astley & Tyldesley staged Round 1 of the A&T Go-Ride League series on a dry, bright Tuesday evening. 14 riders lined up, aged between 4 and 13 years old, and were split into three teams, with a Ladder format used, to keep riders racing within their age and ability group.

Races between Josh Pilkington and last year's series winner, Oscar Belt, were keenly contested throughout. Josh took the overall win, by winning heat 13, ahead of Oscar, with Levi Edwards third and Alex Lawless fourth.

Gin Pit Storm and Tyldesley Typhoons tied for first place in the team event, on 36 points apiece. Astley Hurricanes fielded one rider less and finished three points behind the other two teams.

A&T Go-Ride League Round 1 result:

GP scores:

Josh Pilkington (Storm) 14, Oscar Belt (Hurricanes) 13, Levi Edwards (Typhoons) 12, Alex Lawless (Storm) 11, Nahom Tumizghy (Typhoons) 10, Charlotte Brighouse.(Hurricanes) 9, Elijah Rechembei (Hurricanes) 8, Heather Brighouse (Typhoons) 7, James Jackson (Storm) 6, Jack Challinor (Typhoons) 5, Harry Jackson (Storm) 4, Billy Johnson (Hurricanes) 3, Darcie Bradbury (Typhoons) 2, Gelila Berhane (Storm) 1.

Team scores:

Gin Pit Storm 36, Tyldesley Typhoons 36, Astley Hurricanes 33.

Coach - Ann Stewart.

Round 2 takes place on Tuesday 21st May. Riders remain with their teams throughout the series.
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